Negotiating The Terms Of Release

Setting Bail

If you or a loved one is in jail, your first priority is to get out. In this situation, you will have to pay bond, which is an amount of money you provide to the court as a promise that you will return for your trial. You will get the money back when you return for your trial. At the Law Office of Isaias Torres, we can represent you or your loved one in a bond hearing to help ensure that you or a loved one don't have to stay in jail unnecessarily.

How Does Bond Work?

If you've been arrested, an attorney can request a bond hearing with a judge. The judge has the discretion to allow or deny bond that will let you walk out of jail. Even if a judge allows bond, however, you may not be able to walk away right away. That's because the prosecution can and may appeal bond in some circumstances, meaning you could be sitting in jail pending the outcome of the challenge. Having an experienced lawyer on your side is your best defense against this possibility.

We Don't Take Every Bond Hearing Case

Our firm has a high success rate for bond hearings, but we don't take every bond hearing that comes our way. We will take on bond hearings that we believe are winnable. In cases for which we believe bond will not be likely, we won't take on the bond hearing, but we will take the case. Our strategic approach respects your resources and your time and focuses energy on a legal battle we can win.

Contact A Lawyer To Discuss Your Case

Don't sit in jail when you could get out. We would be happy to discuss your situation with you and determine the best course of action based on your circumstances. Call our Houston, Texas, office today for your free initial consultation with a lawyer: 713-624-1040.