What Our Clients Are Saying

"Maria Jaimes of the Law Office of Isaias Torres was very helpful to me and my family in securing my cancellation of removal from the United States. When I was in jail, Isaias Torres took my case after talking with my family and reviewing my case. He was able to argue my case and I was granted a bond and released to be with my family while my case went on. Although it was very difficult finding work, with my family's help we were able to make payments on my case as it proceeded.

As the time past and the day of my final hearing approached, Ms. Jaimes helped us in getting all the paper work I needed turned in, interviewed me and my family and reviewed my case. If I had any questions, I could email Ms. Jaimes and she would answer them that day. She was always kind, professional, and helpful and my family felt at ease talking to her.

The day of my final hearing was very stressful and intimidating, but I was confident in Ms. Jaimes and how she had prepared us for the final hearing. All that was left was for us to state my case let the immigration judge make his decision.

Even though the final decision was favorable, it took over two and half years of waiting. Ms. Jaimes was there to answer any questions or concerns I had every step of the way. I would definitely refer my friends and family to Ms. Jaimes and the Torres law firm for any immigration needs or services. I will continue to use their services and help for my future needs."

-F. Barrera

"I chose the Law Office of Isaias Torres because of his outstanding record with the Immigration Services, and because he helped my sister get her lawful permanent residence.

I was confident that the Law Office of Isaias Torres had the knowledge necessary to assist me through the process of applying for permanent residence because my sister had no issues or problems when she went through the process with him.

Overall, my experience was excellent, they were on top of things and were always able to answer my questions. I recommend the Law Office of Isaias Torres to all my friends and family and will continue to."

-M. Lopez

"Staff was courteous and knowledgeable. My case was approved. Isaias accompanied me to the interview.

The interview went smoothly thanks to his preparation. I highly recommend the law firm."

-Juan Diaz

"The Law Office of Isaias Torres was able to reopen my deportation order from the 1980s which allowed me to become a permanent resident this year.

Isaias Torres kept me informed every step of the way and answered all my questions. I recommend the Law Firm to all my friend that have immigration troubles."

-Martha Lopez