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Fake marriages can lead to immigration issues

One of the ways that an immigrant can come to the United States is by marrying a citizen. Unfortunately, some people try to get over on the immigration system by arranging fake marriages or ones of convenience. While this might seem like a good idea, this is actually illegal.

Marriage fraud is a serious matter that can lead to the immigrant being deported. Time in prison is also possible. There are many different ways that this crime can occur. Anyone who is marrying an immigrant must ensure they aren't taking part in any of the following:

  • "Mail-order marriages" in which either party knows the marriage isn't real
  • Marriages done as a favor
  • Marriages that involve the citizen being paid
  • Marriages due to the visa lottery
  • Marriage based on an immigrant defrauding a citizen

For couples who are in a true marriage, it should be easy to prove that it is the real deal. You will have to go through an interview to show that you aren't in a fraudulent marriage. This occurs during the adjustment of status interview.

If there are any red flags that come up during that interview, you will have to go through the Stokes Interview, which delves deeper into the marriage. During this process, you and your spouse will be interviewed separately and then the answers will be compared.

You should ensure you are prepared for all interviews with immigration. You can do this by being honest, showing any evidence you have that your marriage is real, dressing professionally and going over sample questions. An immigration lawyer can also help you to prepare for this process. This is better than the risk of being deported based on the government claiming your marriage is a sham.

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