Featured Services

The highly trained staff of lawyers, paralegals and support staff at the law office of Isaias Torres is dedicated to providing clients with top quality representation in the following areas:
  • Family immigration law benefits (both temporary visas and permanent residency)
  • Deportation defense (including bond hearings and relief from removal proceedings)
  • Citizenship and nationality law benefits (including naturalization and U.S. passport applications)
  • Employment based immigration benefits (including labor certification)
  • Investor and business visa processing (including E-1/E-2, H-1B, L-1, and EB-5 benefits)

Specialty immigration law benefits such as:
  • Victims of crime (“U” visa)
  • Victims of domestic violence (VAWA)
  • Asylum applications
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Religious worker visas (temporary and permanent benefits)
  • Entertainer visas (temporary and permanent benefits)

Mission Statement

The Law Office of Isaias Torres is dedicated exclusively to the practice of United States immigration and citizenship law and is located in Houston, Texas with a legal practice spanning thirty-five (35) years. It is the goal and purpose of the law firm to deliver the highest quality legal service grounded in solid ethical principles.

The practice of immigration and citizenship law constantly demands not only a familiarization of law but also requires decisions and choices which require a proper ethical bearing. It is the goal of the Law Office of Isaias Torres to always uphold these two pillars of law: Expertise & Ethics. These two pillars of law are emphasized continually at the Law Office of Isaias Torres. There is expertise in the firm based on the fact that the principle lawyer Isaias Torres has been board certified as a specialist and expert in immigration and citizenship law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization continuously since 1984. This specialist certification is constantly and periodically renewed.

There is an emphasis on ethics in the firm based on the stellar reputation and awards given to the founder and principal lawyer Isaias Torres. From the beginning when  Isaias Torres received his training and law degree in 1978 from Georgetown University (a Jesuit university located in Washington,D.C. and founded in 1789) there was an interest in ethics. The founder and principal lawyer Isaias Torres was subsequently given the high honor by the governor of Texas and Texas Legislature of being a named a member and Chairman of the Texas Ethics Commission. The commission has jurisdiction of enforcing laws of ethics on all three (3) branches of state government including the governor, legislature and judiciary. Isaias Torres served on this commission for several years and was the first hispanic to hold this state-wide position.

It is the goal of this law firm to provide the public with the highest of quality legal services grounded in the strongest of ethical principles. We welcome clients to contact our office.